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What do you do when your relationship with your spouse metamorphoses to that of professional colleagues? Chanda is ecstatic when through a strange quirk of fate both Amit and she end up working for the same foreign bank. There on begins a roller coaster ride which engulfs them in its talons and holds in it the capacity to tear apart their lives for ever. Will they be able to save their careers, their self esteem. most importantly their marriage? 

A racy narrative set in the milieu of modern day high pressure competitive foreign banking and the current crisis that engulfs this sector, it is a curious intermesh of the lives of Amit and three others - Chanda, a biotechnologist turned retail banker, Gowri, Amit’s arch rival, a full time New York International Bank baiter and a political maestro par excellence and above all Aditya, who plays devious power games with almost everyone in his quest for success and fame. 

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